Michael and Lisa’s approach to winemaking is a traditional one yet using the latest technology. Fortunate enough to design the Vintara winery from scratch, the best of both worlds have been employed with direct fermenter crushing, traditional open fermenters and hand plunging, gravity splash down techniques and unique winery design that allow the grapes to move through the whole winemaking process and pressing by gravity, reducing harsh pumping of skins and particularly the seeds. Reducing seed and stalk tannin extraction gives wines of great colour, fruit flavour and balance whilst minimizing the potential for harsh tannin extraction. 

This approach, along with minimal winemaking interference and preservatives in the winemaking process, allows the Varieties to truly express the terroir and their own unique varietals characteristics. 

A unique hands on style means limited volumes of each wine are produced each vintage. 

Vintara’s focus on Rhone style reds and whites and some non traditional favourites like Tempranillo and Sangiovese showcases Rutherglen’s new direction 

Feel free to call winemaker Michael -0419251108 should you wish to talk about the wines or order some for free delivery 

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