The Unconventional Guide To Finding The Best Caterer In Australia

The catering profession offers one of the most sought after services in Australia. This is so because as long as there is life, there will always be reasons to celebrate and make merry. And we all know a party will never be complete without a beautifully served or displayed buffet and assorted drinks. However, there are no clear cut rules on how to find the best caterer in Australia.  Although the majority of the people in need of catering services always opt for the already popular caterers, some people just prefer to do things their own way by using the unconventional approach, if you’re such a person then you probably want to organise your own venue, if so then get in touch with Harbour Kitchens for function venue options for your party. Sometimes factors such as limited funds, and the desire to save time could be the reasons for this unconventional approach. Now, let’s move into looking at some unconventional guides to finding the best caterer in Australia;
Online research
If you are searching for the best caterer in Australia, you could decide to do an online research instead of just visiting all the popular catering companies to find out what they offer. After all, an online research is highly recommendable since it does not come with any additional fee aside internet connection. Also with online research, there are no geographical boundaries so it is possible for you to have a glimpse of all the catering services within the national territory of Australia irrespective of where you are based. All you need to do is to choose a search engine and type out the appropriate keywords and you will probably find satisfactory information about the best caterer.
Walk up to a caterer
Another unconventional approach of finding the best caterer in Australia is to walk up directly to a caterer. If you are a guest at an event and you happen to be very impressed by the services of the caterer, then you could just walk up to him, compliment him and express your willingness to have him cater for your upcoming event. Hopefully, he will respond in a very cultured manner by giving you his contacts. You two could then go ahead and fix a business meeting to fully understand the details of the upcoming event as well as the terms and conditions for the services.
Ask around
Asking around is generally one of the unconventional ways to find out information. That said, you just need to ask your friends, relatives, schoolmates or colleagues if they could recommend you to a good caterer. Also, if you actually liked the quality of food at your friend’s party, you could ask him to hook you up to his caterer.
Sample opinions from social media
Sampling opinions from various social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram could also be a lead way to the information you are looking for especially if you do not feel comfortable asking for recommendations from the people around you due to your introvert nature. With that said, you may instead decide to pose the question on social media and end up very surprised at the number of responses that comes in a few hours. Hopefully, you will get helpful tips from your responses.
Give it a try
After sampling opinions, doing research and getting recommendations, the next best thing to do is to give your chosen caterer a try. Remember you are not ready to take chances and be disappointed on the D-day as you want just the best. Thus, you could organise a small party to put the skills of the caterer in a test, hire a cheap party venue in Melbourne and organise a small get together. For instance, if your wedding has already been scheduled to take place in six months’ time, you could instead decide to use the services of the caterer for your small birthday party two months prior to your wedding. By the end of the birthday celebration, you will be able to decide whether or not you want to retain the caterer for your wedding.

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